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Fused glass is easy for all skill levels!

Colorful glass pieces are melted together in the kiln to create a variety of functional and decorative pieces.  Our instructors will give you a mini-lesson and teach you how to cut glass.

  1. Pick a base: size and color.

  2. Decide on a design, layout or image you want to make from glass pieces.

  3. Collect pieces of glass -- strips, scraps, stringers, noodles, frit, dichroic or millefiori.

  4. Use glass cutting tools to customize your pieces.

  5. Glue glass to your base.  You can layer!

  6. Leave your project with us and we'll fire it in our on-location kilns.  Some glass requires a second firing, called a SLUMP firing, if you request any kind of shape such as a plate, votive, or bowl.

  7. We'll call you in 7-14 days when your project is complete!

Due to the sharp nature of fused glass, we require all children to be 8 and older to work with glass.

Glass surfaces are non-toxic and food safe.  We do not recommend using your glass for hot foods or placing in the dishwasher.

Always available for Walk-Ins!

Price: ranges from $12-45

Learn about our Fused Glass Parties!

Or, take one of our BYOB Adult Fused Glass Classes!

 Fused Glass