1241 Knapp Road

North Wales, PA  19454


We offer wet clay sculpting in our studios!

By following a few simple clay rules, you can create your wildest imagination.

  1. Decide what you'd like to create.

  2. We'll give you a mini-lesson on basic clay handbuilding techniques.

  3. Hand sculpt your clay using the pinch pot method, coiling method, or working with a slab.

  4. Ensure secure connections by following our "Scratch-to-Attach" method when adding onto clay.

  5. Get a "wiggle test" from us -- we'll check your piece!

  6. You then have two options: (1) You can paint that same day with our clay-based paints. (2) We can bisque-fire your piece and you can return to paint using our huge selection of pottery paints.

  7. We'll fire your piece in our on-location kilns and call you in approximately 2 weeks when your piece is complete!

 Clay Sculpting is for children ages 5 and older.

Always available for Walk-Ins!

 All paints and glazes are food safe and non-toxic.

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 Clay Sculpting