1241 Knapp Road

North Wales, PA  19454


One Time Wheel Class

All skill levels welcome for our

Adult Pottery Wheel Series

Interested in a one-time pottery wheel class?

We can take up to 5 students on the wheel at one time, ages 8+.

1 potter:        $120/person

2 potters:      $60/person

3-5 potters:  $40/person

One-time wheel participants will make up to 3 pieces in a 90 minute class.

There are two options to finish your thrown pottery:

1. Paint them the same day, pending the timing of your class, with our clay-based paint.  Pieces will be very wet and pliable so you won't be able to achieve fine detail with this method, however it's a great option if you don't see yourself being able to paint at a later date.

2. Pieces are bisque fired in our kiln, and you will be notified when they are ready for you to come back and paint with our full range of ceramic colors.

Schedule a one-time wheel class in advance

(we recommend at least 1 week to pull in an instructor)

by calling:

North Wales Studio 215-393-8380

Newtown Studio 215-968-7588

Doylestown Studio 215-348-9003

Ages 8+, no exceptions