Ceramic Fusion is a perfect marriage of pottery painting and fused glass!

  1. Choose your piece.
  2. Paint your piece as you would a bisque piece of pottery.
  3. Add frit (tiny sand-like pieces of glass) into the recessed valleys of your pottery.
  4. Leave it with us and we'll fire it in our on-location kilns, which melts both the glaze and the glass!  The end result is a super-shiny, sometimes marbled, crackled stained-glass-like appearance.  You have to see it in person to fully appreciate how beautiful it is!
  5. We'll call you in 7-10 days when your project is complete.

Because Ceramic Fusion involves glass, we recommend that children be 8 and older.

Always available for Walk-Ins!

Pricing: ranges from $28-42

Learn about our Ceramic Fusion Parties!

 Ceramic Fusion